Learn how to create a healthier lifestyle and prevent diabetes in a 22 session diabetes prevention program. Groups will meet with a trained instructor to help participants lose weight, eat healthier and increase physical activity. There will be 16 sessions offered over 6 months, and 6 monthly follow-up sessions for the remainder of the year.

The National Diabetes Prevention Program is a community-based, lifestyle change program that offers diabetes prevention education and support for people with pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes involves blood sugar levels that are higher than normal, but not yet high enough to be diabetes. An individual with pre-diabetes can delay or prevent type 2 diabetes by making simple lifestyle changes. Diet and moderate exercise resulting in a 5-7% weight loss (usually about 10 -15 pounds) often work to bring blood sugar levels back down to a healthy range.

Here’s what one participant shared about the impact the lifestyle change class had on her life…

“I wanted to say how much I appreciate the Crow Wing Energized National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP). I joined the Your Energized Year challenge this spring with minimal expectations. I knew I needed to get more active and thought maybe it would be a good start. I am so thankful for our awesome coach and the support of this program by Essentia Health. I am happy to say since joining the program, I went from getting no exercise to completing over 500 miles of walking. At my recent physical I had normal blood sugar, normal AIC, normal blood pressure and my resting pulse had gone from 92 to 64. Best of all I lost 41 pounds and doctor gave me a “ gold star”. I am sure this is just one example of the many lives that have been touched and changed by the Crow Wing Energized programs. Hopefully this gives you further encouragement to keep up the good work within the community!”

  • Diane – Your Energized Year participant

For questions about the Lifestyle Change program please contact Kara Schaefer at kara.schaefer@essentiahealth.org or 218-454-5901.

Advice and tips from instructors to compliment the 16-weeks of core education: