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Make It OK to Talk About
Mental Illnesses and Substance Use Disorders

Still Stigma? Are you kidding me! Stigma of mental illnesses, including substance use disorder, continues to be a key factor that keeps people from talking openly about them and seeking the care, support and treatment they deserve.

Join us for this presentation to:                                                                                               
• Learn more about Make It OK
• Better understand the impact of stigma on mental
illnesses, specifically related to substance use
disorders and addiction, and how it interferes
with recovery
• Feel more comfortable and confident in talking openly
about mental illnesses, including substance
use disorders, such as what to say/not say, how to
offer support and what you can do to help stop stigma
• Hear about resources and treatments to help
people get the care and support they deserve

Peter VanDusartz is the Director of Behavioral Health – St. Croix                           
Valley at Health Partners, and is also the Director and Clinical
Supervisor for Programs for Change, Substance Use Disorder
treatment programs at Hudson, Westfields, and Amery hospitals.
In the past he has worked as a Psychologist in Minnesota, and is a
Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Wisconsin providing counseling
and mental health therapy. He has worked in the mental health and
Substance Use Disorder treatment fields for over 35 years.