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Crow Wing Energized’s 8th Annual Health and Wellness Summit

Watering the Seeds of Wellbeing

Friday, March 5, 2021, virtual via Zoom

There is no cost for the summit, but registration is required at


8:30 to 9:00 a.m. – COVID-19 Coffee Chat with community healthcare leaders Tim Rice, Lakewood Health System; Kyle Bauer, Cuyuna Regional Medical Center; Tim Houle, Crow Wing County; and Dr. Peter Henry, Essentia Health.

9:00 to 11:00 a.m. – The online summit will include:

  • Meeting new Crow Wing Energized leadership and learning about the strategic plan.
  • Tips for healthy, fun, winter activities highlighted in a Brainerd lakes area video.
  • Keynote speaker Nanette A. Negri, PhD, presenting “Watering the Seeds of Well-being Through Mindfulness and Meditation” exploring practices in mindfulness and meditation that can enhance well-being in your life and in the lives of those you support and love. Wear comfy clothes and bring an open mind and attitude of fun!
  • How to use a habit tracker to reach your goals.
  • One Vegetable One Community vegetable of 2021 announced.

Dr. Nanette A. Negri states, “There is no question that Wellbeing is important for everyone on the planet. There are often questions about how we all go about creating and maintaining Wellbeing for ourselves and for others whom we care for in our lives, which may seem even more daunting in recent times.”

“The news is that there is now a plethora of research that is teaching us that Wellbeing actually comes from a set of skills that are not all that hard, and that when practiced regularly can actually change the brain! Those brain changes can actually end up making us feel better… have greater Wellbeing in our lives!” says Dr. Negri.

Dr. Negri will present the Four Constituents of Wellbeing. She will then take you through some activities she uses in her practice to support the development and maintenance of these important skills.

After practicing together attendees can expect:

  • To be able to define the four constituents of Wellbeing
  • To be able to identify activities related to the skills that build each of the constituents of Wellbeing
  • To identify a set of these skill building activities/experiences that will allow you to take these practices into your everyday living
  • To identify a set of accommodations of these skill building activities/experiences that will allow you to take these practices to others you support and care for in your work and lives

Dr. Negri has been working with individuals on the autism spectrum and their families since 1972. She has been a classroom teacher, a signed-speech therapist, a staff and parent trainer, a program administrator, a university lecturer, and an educational and behavioral consultant. Dr. Negri works collaboratively with autistic individuals so that together they can identify the opportunities and support they want and need to develop meaningful relationships across their lives. She has an extensive background in applied behavior-analysis. Her knowledge and practices in mindfulness meditation and yoga currently provide a strong base for her support and training services.

A variety of raffle prizes for participants who attend will be announced during the event.

Crow Wing Energized is a grassroots community health and wellness movement led and funded by SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Partnership), Crow Wing County and Essentia Health.