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Coaching people through conflict vs. confronting can lead to better outcomes. This workshop will introduce the fundamental concepts of conflict coaching and provide opportunities to practice in small groups.

The first half of this workshop will lay the foundational work for becoming Mindfully Present. We will experientially explore three domains: Body Awareness; Awareness of Feelings and Emotions; and, Awareness of Thoughts. As we become more aware of the interactions among these three domains we begin to open up and expand an internal space (see diagram) that allows us to choose how we wish to ACT rather than being held hostage to our REACTions.

The second half of this workshop will provide the foundation for coaching, including working with individuals with histories of challenges and traumas. Conflict coaching is a strategy for assisting individuals to develop positive, restorative responses to conflict. Drawing on his work with students in St. Cloud schools and at St. Cloud State University, the session leader will share strategies, key conceptual understandings to effectively work with people in conflict. Participants will have the opportunity to practice skills in small groups with real-world scenarios.

This event will be held at Essentia Health – St. Joseph’s Medical Center in the Thabes meeting room.