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In this workshop Nathan Navarrete will share simple self-care techniques that last a lifetime. Incorporate them into your daily routine as a form of free preventative self-care. Ideally, the techniques are done for the first 2-3 weeks, and then you can move into the maintenance and prevention stage of the relaxation response of the body.
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Learn self-care techniques to last a lifetime.
Balance the 3 brains
Improve centeredness, clarity, and memory.
Reset the stress threshold
Improve centeredness, clarity, and memory.
Hydrate your body
Hydrate on the cellular level, improve circulation and metabolism.
Strengthen Immune System
Balance microbiome, viruses, harmful bacteria,
parasites, fungi, toxins, allergies and intolerances
Muscular skeletal alignment
Improve posture, coordination, and energy communication within the body.
Body mind first aid
Activate the body’s relaxation and healing response when an injury occurs.
Nathan Navarrete (Evolved Care Facilitator)
Be prepared for class:
For the hydration and body chemistry balancing techniques participants need:
-A cup of water
-a few q-tips or cotton rounds
-or some tissue
I create and nourish with awareness so you are your own hero clearly giving your Unique Self to the world.